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09 Race & Ethnicity Midterm #3

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DUE Monday April 13th during your regular class time during the first 15 minutes of class.
Spring Semester 2009 Adams, Instructor

Print this test off of the web then work on it at home.
It is suggested that you print it in "landscape" rather than "letter" to make sure you get the whole thing.
Do NOT work on it in class at anytime. You are expected to do this on your own; use only your own notes, text, and this website's study guides; do not help each other in any way -- that includes checking answers with anybody else in ANY way.
Put your answers directly on the test. Bring a #2 pencil to class to transfer answers to a scantron that will be given you at that time.
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MULTIPLE CHOICE.  Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 

1) The USA Patriot Act passed in October 2001
A) did not mention Arab or Muslim Americans.
B) has specific provisions calling for the deportation of Arab and Muslim Americans.
C) legalized discrimination against Arab and Muslim Americans.
D) has specific provisions condemning discrimination against Arab and Muslim Americans.

2) Blanco, moreno, and prieto are all 
A) radical nationalist groups.
B) political divisions of Puerto Rico.
C) racial distinctions used in Puerto Rico.
D) Puerto Rican snack foods.

3) The Chinese Exclusion Act was enacted in
A) 1882.   B) 1990.   C) 1950.   D) 1775.

4) Chinese Americans have not been active in politics because 
A) they inherently trust the democratic system and have no motivation for creating change.
B) the careers the best students pursue tend to be in business and science.
C) the dense concentration of Chinese and other Asian American groups in urban areas.
D) they have concentrated more on the community than their own status

5) The Organic Act of 1900 guaranteed Hawaiians 
A) citizenship.
B) racial equality.
C) absolute rule of plantation owners.
D) future statehood.

6) Desi is a colloquial name for people who trace their ancestry to ________.
A) Hmong   B) Samoa   C) Philippines   D) India

7) Texas, California, and parts of Arizona and New Mexico were acquired by the United States as a result of the
A) Treaty of the Borderlands.
B) Mexican revolution.
C) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
D) Allotment Act of 1884.

8) The Arab American community ________ in size in the 1990s. 
A) tripled   B) decreased   C) doubled   D) did not change

9) Islam's authority rests with
A) the scripture and teachings of the Prophet.
B) the Palestinians.
C) individual imams who serve as clergy.
D) Mecca.

10) Mojado means
A)"wetback."   B) contracted laboror.   C)legal immigrant.   D) citizen.

11) The garments that allow women to follow the guidelines of modest dress are called 
A) jihad.   B) hijab.   C) jajj.   D) none of these

12) Data on all types of social disorganization show that Japanese Americans have a lower incident rate of ________ than all other minorities. 
A) divorce   B) mental illness   C) crime   D) all of these

13) The organization Ka Lahui Hawaii has as a goal of
A) restoration of land to native people.      B) the return of the monarchy.
C) a native Hawaiian government.             D) racial pluralism.

14) Orientalism refers to
A) fashion trends in the U.S. that use styles from Asian countries.
B) a simplistic view of the people and history of the Orient without recognition of cultural diversity and change.
C) people from Asian countries.
D) the growth of Chinese restaurants in the U.S.

15) The term La Raza is used to connote pride in 
A) Puerto Rican culture.
B) the literature of Navajo Indians.
C) a pluralistic Spanish, Indian, and Mexican heritage.
D) the White race.

16) Organized around a person’s district of origin in China are
A) hui kuans.   B) CCBAs.   C) tongs.   D) tsu.

17) Hispanic folk medicine is called
A) compadrazgo.   B) atague.   C) marianismo.   D) curanderismo.

18) Muslim Americans reflect a blended identity which includes
A) religious faith.
B) U.S. resident status.
C) cultural background based on nationality.
D) all of these

19) The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo  
A) guaranteed the property rights of Mexican Americans.
B) extended citizenship to Mexican Americans.
C) provided for massive annexation of Mexican lands.
D) all of these

20) Malcolm X's philosophy can be summarized by which of the following? 
A) pride in Blackness                             B) knowing Black history
C) self-determination for the Black community     D) all of these
21) In 1944, after hearing Endo v. U.S., the Supreme Court ruled the detainment of Japanese Americans  
A) constitutional.     B) justifiable on security grounds.    C) unconstitutional.   D) necessary.

22) Which Muslim group is predominant in Iraq and Iran?
A) Sikh  B) Sunni  C) Kurd D) Shi’ia

23) The term yellow peril captured which of the following characterizations of Asian people?
A) savage   B) heathen  C) drug addicted   D) all of these

24) Money sent out of the U.S. by Mexican workers is called
A) migradollars.   B) mojitos.   C) Marielitos.   D) maquiladoras.

25) The secret societies in the Chinese community are called
A) CCABs.   B) tsu.   C) tongs.   D) hui khans.

26) Marielitos refers to a recent group of refugees who arrived in the United States from
A) Cuba.   B) Puerto Rico.   C) Haiti.   D) Dominican Republic.

27) Operation Boulder was initiated after the 1972 Munich Olympics attack to monitor the political activity of ________.
A) Arab Americans    B) Puerto Rican militant groups
C) refugees from Central America    D) Mexican Americans

28) What is the dry foot, wet foot policy?
A) The law that makes new Cuban immigration illegal. 
B) The rule that allows asylum to Cubans who reach land.
C) The law that gives refugee status to any Cuban who leaves Cuba. 
D) none of these

29) Which of the following is true about Native Hawaiians? 
A) Their numbers have been reduced to well below 10,000.
B) They tend to be very poor.
C) They view the U.S. occupation as the beginning of their cultural and economic downfall.
D) all of these are true

30) The Wen Ho Lee incident is an example of 
A) the glass ceiling, or broken ladder.    B) mistaken identity.
C) the gook syndrome.                        D) racial profiling.

31) The development of solidarity between ethnic subgroups, such as Hispanics, is called  
A) assimilation.   B) ethclass.    C) marginalization.    D) panethnicity.

32) Through most of the 1980s, Asian Indian immigrants
A) tended to be urban, educated, and English speaking.
B) preferred the smaller towns of rural America.
C) worked primarily in service occupations.
D) tended to settle in New York.

33) Chavez's labor union efforts have had the lasting effect of
A) improved working conditions for agricultural workers.
B) migrant workers developing a sense of solidarity.
C) increased awareness of the plight of migrant workers.

34) The freedom flotilla refers to
A) the second wave of immigration from Cuba to the U.S.
B) the third wave of immigration from Cuba to the U.S.
C) the first wave of immigration from Cuba to the U.S.
D) all of these

35) Asian Indian immigrants call themselves 
A) desi.   B) ilchomose.    C) AJAs.    D) Haoles.

36) The term Middle Eastern can include 
A) Arabs.    B) non-Arabs.    C) non-Muslims.    D) all of these

37) Typically, jihad means which of the following to Muslims?
A) An armed struggle against the political/economic dominance of the U.S. 
B) An internal struggle for spiritual purity
C) An armed struggle against capitalism
D) An armed struggle against the enemies of Palestine

38) After 9/11, which of the following increased significantly?
A) harassment of Arab and Muslim Americans
B) hate crimes against Arab and Muslim Americans
C) eviction of law abiding Muslim Americans from their homes
D) all of these

39) The Korean-American immigrants who accompanied their parents to the United States
 when they were young are called the 
A) sansei. B) ilchomose. C) Haole. D) bracero.

40) In what way does the U.S.-Puerto Rican relationship appear to be an example of
A) The absence of complete self-rule
B) Poor economic conditions compared to the mainland
C) The military presence on the island
D) all of these

41) In Hawaii in the late 1700s, 
A) slavery was introduced.
B) plantation operators arrived.
C) slavery was abolished.
D) disease epidemics were eliminated as a serious problem.

42) The United States acquired Puerto Rico as the result of 
A) the War of 1812.   B) the Spanish-American War.  
C) the American Revolution.   D) the Mexican-American War.

43) Research on adolescent Latinas found that they are expected to 
A) spend the majority of their out-of-school time studying.
B) help their family succeed by doing child care and housekeeping chores.
C) work outside the home for wages to help supplement the family income.
D) participate in school activities, such as sports.

44) Order 9066, which resulted in the forced confinement of Japanese Americans in evacuation
 camps, involved which of the following? 
A) court action against Japanese Americans suspected of espionage
B) proof that Japanese Americans had greater loyalty to Japan than the U.S.
C) trial decisions finding Japanese Americans guilty of anti-American activities
D) none of these

45) The Chinese phrase Zhancao zhugen, meaning "to eliminate the weeds, one must pull out their roots," refers to
A) downward mobility.    B) high expectations.    C) assimilation.    D) all of these

46) The first Filipino immigrants were mostly
A) students.   B) agricultural workers.   C) professionals.   D) sailors.

47) What primary objection did Americans have to permitting the arrival of the boat people? 
A) the Communist background of the refugees
B) concerns over increased unemployment 
C) the large numbers of orphaned children arriving 
D) all of these

48)  A national survey released in 2004 reported that negative images of Muslim-Americans are ________ more prevalent than positive images. 
A) four times   B) sixteen times   C )two times   D) ten times

49) What is meant by the Filipino concept sa pamilye? 
A) devotion to God   B) the importance of money   C) group solidarity   D) devotion to family 

50)  The single most unifying force among Arabs is
A) the religion of Islam.     B) their country of origin.    C) the Arabic language.   D) all of these

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